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  1. Hi Porthos! Nice to see you again! You're preaching to the Choir here my friend LOL 😉 I'm a 72 year old editor, (work mainly work with Macs) but depend on my PC for everyday simple tasks, mail and even some video & audio editing on my current Optiplex. I always MAX out the RAM (currently 16GB) and strickly use multiple external drives for media, PCIe cards for both audio and video. Here's a sample: Back Story - Landscape - Recreations - Technicalities Thank You!
  2. Thank You 'Advanced' On a side note, do you know: if I strip my old system and then reformat. Could I again download the previous updates I once had for W7Pro? Or are they (as warned) completely gone ...? And BTW I fully intend to pick up a newer Optiplex with W10 and use that machine online but keep my old machine functioning 'offline' so I can continue to use expensive programs I cannot replace ... Thanks Again (you guys are great)!
  3. Hello AdvancedSetup Thanx for the reply You mentioned: "in which case it would simply stop working" Can you tell me please what exactly would stop working? Malwarebytes on my system? What specifically? Thank You
  4. So perhaps this could become a similar issue again when other newer MB patches become available?
  5. To my friends Imacri, Porthos, AdvancedSetup and anyone else reading my post here. I want to express my gratitude for the easy fix provided by AdvancedSetup which Imacri pointed me to. Its Amazing! Yes It Worked! 👌 Just curious how/when this remedy came to be? Is it something AdvancedSetup just recently discovered? In any event that DID THE TRICK! 😅 Thank You - Thank You 🤩
  6. Hello Imacri - Nice to see you 🙂 and thanks for the tip regarding AdvancedSetup's post. I'll give it read and give it a try .... My Best Mike
  7. Hello again Porthos ... BTW I read the post by eliuri back on April 17th. His situation was/is similiar to mine. I've already decided its simply not worth the hassle trying to install Windows 10 in my current system, (its too slow), and I'd loose functionality $$ with all my software. I also agree with AdvancedSetup that trying to install updates piecemeal is risky ... It looks like the inevitable has finally caught with me - what I'd like to do is take my current system OFFLINE and pick up another Optiplex with Windows 10 and use that system strickly for online functions allowing me to still use all my software in my older system transferring files back n forth ....(for now) Meanwhile I'd sure like to find out what happened with eliuri? What was his final decision? Thanx - Mike
  8. Hello Porthos - Thanx I was able to pull up a list of currently available updates and KB2286198 (as prompted by Malware), is not among those updates. I'm assuming the worst case scenario in that I may have missed that particular Update while it was still available from Microsoft? Correct me if I'm wrong but this could mean I can no longer update Malwarebytes in order to make my system safe? In which case I may have to shut the entire system down and pick up another later model Optiplex that's Windows 10 compatible and start all over again? Thanx in advance for any tips ... Mike
  9. Hi Gang I'm using Windows 7 on a Dell Desktop Can someone help me download Windows Update KB2286198 in order to Update Malware? Thank You!
  10. Hi Gang I have Malwarebytes Premium version 3.8.3 in my desktop and would like to install it in a small netbook (Windows 7). Can someone refresh my memory on how to do that? Special permissions? Thank You :)
  11. Thank you exile360, (as one of Malwarebytes experts) its nice to get replies from you!
  12. "if the content of the messages is generic enough your email provider's spam filter can heuristically block it all" Apparently that's asking too much - GMail's Spam Filter has been BUSTED, decoded, infiltrated, broken, ineffective, useless - my last resort is to DELETE this specific account (as this is not happening to the same extent) to my other accounts ... 😢
  13. Hi Gang I use Windows 7 Pro on a Desktop - I use Both Malwarebytes and Microsoft Essentials. I use Thunderbird for a 3rd party Email provider with multiple accounts. Sometime ago I was hit by vivicious amount of Spam totallying 30 or more a day party. I changed all my passwords (for all accounts) to extremely secure choices and limited use of the affected account. However 10 months later the original 'AFFECTED' account continues to get pounded as spam gets past the spam filter in Thunderbird. In the past the only way I was able to deal with this was to set parameters to immediately DELETE ALL email regardless of what it was..... I'm considering another SPAM filter? Any ideas? Thank You
  14. 🤓 Hello Mr. Exile - Your directions were RIGHT ON THE MONEY - Toggled setting off and on again under 'Windows Context Menus' - Scanned all the storage drives and WALLA - No Threats detected! Thank you for your excellence! 🛠️
  15. Hello exile360 Got It!🤓 Excellent - I'll give it a whirl! Thank You!
  16. Thank You Maurice - I'll give it a try BTW: Reason for concern I noticed a strange random folder that was created in my storage drive that has random numbers and its 'locked' - wondering how it got there? I'm told it was put there due to a windows update for Windows 7? Apparently 'Normal' - 'Safe' ?? Thanks Maurice 😯
  17. Hi Gang! Sorry I couldn't find this process: Can someone provide Malware removal process (Scanning Storage Drives)? Thank You 😀
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