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  1. Just wanted to confirm that my issue has been resolved successfully last week. Thank you again, @mbam_mtbr. The thread may be closed now, if there is such need. Keep up the great work, I really appreciate it.
  2. Thank you for your quick reply. I'm attaching the screenshot to this post.
  3. Hello, I believe it's a false positive, but I'd like to make sure. "Nawigacja Plus" is one of the pre-installed apps on my phone, Samsung Galaxy J5 (SM-J500FN). The phone is running on Android 6.0.1 (upgraded from 5.1.1) and Malwarebytes has never detected any other infections.
  4. Thank you very much for your assistance and patience. That's everything for now; I believe the thread can be closed. Again, I really appreciate your help.
  5. The log is okay? Yes, I am aware of it, of course. I'm using a browser that was adapted for XP needs and it keeps getting new updates, but still can't access every website; you're correct. Thank you for the links. I'm going to read those threads and consider using that Imaging software you've mentioned.
  6. Yes, I would really appreciate that - if it's not a problem, of course. I don't think I'm experiencing any major problems at the moment, no.
  7. Hello, Thank you for your reply. Do I require a fixlist for that entry? Or it no longer poses a threat?
  8. Hello, My computer is running on Windows XP Professional SP3 32-bit operating system. I would only like to make sure my machine doesn't have any obvious signs of infection or other major problems. To this post, I am attaching the following logs: FRST, Addition and Malwarebytes Threat Scan (standard, but with the "scan for rootkits" option enabled). I have renamed the FRST.exe file to FRST.english.exe. Other than that, I made no changes - the scan included Registry, Services, Drivers, Processes, Internet, Addition.txt and "One month" was selected by default, too (that's something ne
  9. I'm well aware of how good uBlock Origin is ;) It's just not compatible with my Chrome version. Maybe some old build is... but I had no luck hunting it down (I have, however, gotten it for Mypal --- it works beautifully with it, blocks every ad, I've really got no complaints). MB Browser Guard used to work for me in the past, but I'm unable to download it now --- I'm getting the "download interrupted" error message from Chrome's webstore. I'm guessing that it simply doesn't support my old Chrome version (49.0.2623.112). Thank you for more instructions about the hardware acceleration. Hon
  10. It's happening again, but I "learned to live with it". I suspect that lacking a suitable adblock extension can be to blame. Mypal is my secondary browser and it's not giving me any such problems.
  11. Hello again, My last "update" on this thread, if I may. Just wanted to inform that I tested AdwCleaner (version 6.047) again on my 32-bit XP Professional SP3 system. It works. No issues. As proof, I'm including the logs (they are clear, no infections). Please consider updating your support article in the future. Thank you in advance! AdwCleaner[S0].txt AdwCleaner[C0].txt
  12. Hello, I see. Thank you for your reply.
  13. I see. If you find out anything later, please kindly bump this thread or PM me. Thank you for your help.
  14. Thank you very much! As you said in the other thread: Unfortunately ADWCleaner is no longer compatible with Windows XP so this is the reason you're seeing this error, as dwmapi.dll is actually a part of DWM, or the Desktop Windows Manager, which is the UI/shell renderer/API for newer versions of Windows (Vista and later; basically every version after XP ever since Microsoft originally implemented hardware graphics acceleration for the Windows shell for features like the Aero Glass theme etc. as well as to reduce the load on the main CPU by offloading rendering of the system shell (Explorer
  15. Hello Exile, Lightning quick reply as always I tried 7.4.2, but it's giving me an error message saying that dwmapi.dll cannot be found. I did some quick googling and found this thread: -- So I think I'll stick with 6.047, like that MarcoBytes guy. Unless there's some easy fix for that?
  16. Hello, Is 6.047 the final version that is compatible with XP SP3 32-bit? Just wanted to make sure.
  17. I see. Thank you. What about things like PhysX, HD Audio Driver and nView? I may try posting on wagnardsoft forums later. No, never tried it. Never had to. Reinstalled Chrome yesterday and haven't encountered the error again so far. Just turned off the hardware acceleration now, I'll keep you posted if I notice any change.
  18. Tried the earlier version. Sadly, I couldn't get DDU to work in either Safe nor Normal mode. The tool starts itself fine, but it always crashes when prompted to perform any of its clean actions. Bummer. But I guess that's a subject for another thread. -- Next time I reinstall my graphics drivers, perhaps I could limit the installation by deselecting stuff like GeForce Experience? What do you think? Thank you for your help so far.
  19. According to this thread, is the version that I could use: 1) https://www.wagnardsoft.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=1601 2) https://www.wagnardsoft.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=1316 Should I give it a try?
  20. Just tried running DDU I got the error message saying it's not a valid Win32 application; can't run it.
  21. Hi Exile, Thank you for the quick reply. My graphics drivers are up-to-date, I believe. Should I consider doing a clean reinstall of them? Sure, I can do that; it won't be much of a problem, but it brings another question to my mind --- is there a good way to clean up the junk files NVIDIA tends to leave after each installation? Yes, there is a hardware acceleration option in Chrome. It's ticked by default. I will try to turn it off, if the error happens again. PS. Is it possible that my bookmarks are part of the problem? It's one big bloated file, almost 5mb. Should I try reduc
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