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  1. Dear Nasdaq, Much glad and thanks for your answer and link for first concern. Second one is, I would like to mean for window reset/refresh/restore/reinstall whatever on a same disk, which already run window 10 (which is infected or corrupted to bootsec.) I want to reinstall a very very new window. But most appropriate choice is," reinstall from official window bootable disc" with format the disk. But after I've reinstalled new window, there some data/credentials/registries of previous corrupted window was still left. (This infected or corrupted data/registry/system files whatever are still left and show it in new installed window as "some unidentified data"). Actually, I want 100% total new window. So, why this kind of data are still left in disk? why I cannot format the disk "TOTALLY"? When I format this disk as a external drive, also this is happen. So, this kind of data/files are how stored in this disk. How can I get a very very new window OS? which like installing window OS on a SDD, just manufactured from factory. conclusion, I don't want to see any previous data concern with window, after reinstall window OS. For last concern: So, how did you manage the data in this disk, without connect to any device? I was inspired by your method. Please kindly share me. Thanks much always, Mr.expert.
  2. Dear Nasdaq, For first concern, please refer attached picture. Is this services regarding to RDP are do necessarily running all the time and consume this amount of RAM? (Sorry, I'm not and IT guy, so this just my suspicious. Not proving.) For second concern, everything fine. Since Fusion.dll was blocked by Kaspersky because it was detected in my external hardisk which include window back up image with infected system files..Now Viber is ok to run. SOLVED For third concern and most important concern. I really do want to get clear this as for my knowledge. If this is happen like this all the way, practically "100% new window install" on a old corrupted window OS disk is IMPOSSIBLE ? the technology is like this? If so, this protected system files are infected, what should we do? For fourth concern. I really much appreciate about your confidence on your organization product. Regarding to this confidence you have, I'm also reply this thing on you from now on. SOLVED. For fifth concern, I've solved this by restarting the window. And need to assign permission back to administrator for all activities for "User/Appdata/". (May not true, but its just my opinion this is root cause of admin cannot access to user's recent data.And after making this, Administrator can access this user's recent files.) SOLVED. For last concern, I'm still downloading iTunes's data and appleID data. And also downloading all my 4 years old 3 gmail account data. Offline better than online. just my proverb. After this, I'll uninstall IDM and scan FRST. And will be provide back to you. Anyway, even this your answers all the way, helped me alots already. Your making another armature to become enthusiastic in IT Technics. May GOD bless you friend.
  3. Dear Nasdaq, Firstly, I'm so sorry for very very late reply. As I've on a business short trip apart from my city. So, there is three portion need to reply your concern. (1) Since, I've posted in firstly, I'm just suspicious. Suspicious about: -some auto run services run by window are not originally services which need to be run by window. - As I'm administrator of this PC, I still don't have full permission on some system files.Like credentials registry of previous window user. (as I've reinstalled very fresh window with fully format the disk. Why those credentials registry are still left in disk boot sector?)(And I've noted that, some system files are not give full permission even to administrator.) - And suspicious,that window's system files and services are not originally from Microsoft. Those are might be replaced by virus scripts.Not the whole file. (e.g RDP service might be infected.) -Suspicious,that window background service host was automatically run and hiding some malicious activities.(e.g encrypted,packed the information, and remotely controlled to synchronize with virus server.) IS IT POSSIBLE, after fully format the disk and reinstall new window? (2) Usually, I'm occasionally delete the temp files and recent files myself from Window Run Box. (By running from Run box, Temp,%temp%,recent,prefetch, and delete all files in those folders. in order to smooth PC performance and track clearance as privacy.) But after fixed by FRST, with your provided fixlist, I can only run temp,%temp%, and prefetch. I cannot run "Recent".Is denied for permission. Is there any problem?, I don't want other users to see what recent files are opened when open This PC. How can I solve? (3) For Viber, Yes viber is crash, when I've installed the app and run by double click the icon on desktop, nothing happen until a couple of minutes. Hoping your reply. Thanks much. Best Regards,
  4. Dear Nasdaq, Much appreciate for your kind advice and support. (1) First, I do apologize for using crack version of IDM. And I'll remove as soon as possible just after my download of my "cloud properties" into offline storage, before all log in securities are restore securely. I'm promise and guarantee this. And (2) Please kindly refer attached fixlog as per your concern. And Finally, (3) I've uninstalled as per their official site say. And reinstalled it. After that, still crash, cannot load up the apps in start up. So, I was uninstalled again. Already. Make me sweated. Am I infected, Still? after window was reinstalled? Best Regards, Fixlog.txt
  5. Hello Nasdaq, Please refer this attached as latest. and run in window normal mode. Note- I've activated KIS and already installed some usual apps. And lastly I installed Viber for desktop, and My KIS said, some DLL file is need to action, so i deleted it. After that Viber cannot start-up. That's all. Others, nothing was configured. FRST_09-02-2019 20.22.52.txt Addition_09-02-2019 20.22.52.txt
  6. Hello nasdaq, Thanks for still waiting along my reply. since I'm away from my PC and I'm on working hour, I cannot get back your concern. So, you need addition log. But, I've scanned from safe mode and there is no addition log was saved. If you need it, I'll rescan and revise. Pls wait just a moment.
  7. Hi Malwarebytes, I've infected from KMSPico Installation. Very sure of infected signs. (Unfortunately, just after a day, noticed about Malwares and Virus.) So, I've clean restored window. And the window was activated by digital signature activation from my cooperation. But, After check by FRST, I'm still suspecting some are still infected. Please check about my attached FRST log. Since, I've no idea, what kind of virus still infecting my system files. Please kindly help me? Any kinds of support are much appreciate. FRST.txt
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