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  1. I would like to further point out, in my normal day job, I work as a repair technician (we even include the use of MB products in our cleanup kits), with the job of actually cleaning out computers, so I would be VERY surprised if there's anything legitimately bad going on with my sites.
  2. IP Address: Domain: hxxps:\\ alertbot dot services I was informed yesterday by one of users, that my main site for my discord services system is showing up as "Fraud". No idea why, and found nothing about it on this site. Please remove, or further inform me on what exactly the complaint is, specifically what pages. The site is informational in nature, so I am unsure how it could be considered fraud? (I have discord server listings, my staff list, contact options, and a list of the Discord bots commands.. Not sure how any of those could be fraudulent? haha).
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