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  1. Thanks for your response and troubleshooting jwclack52. I was certainly getting confused by all the similar postings with slightly different manifestations and suggested solutions that did not appear to work.
  2. Starting anew with more information and refinement of my issue. Today I started to get Malewarebyte website blocked pop-ups. Started when I tried to access www.att.com from my Opera browser. The listed threat domain was netcheckcdn.xyz. This has happened on Vivaldi browser now and at least one other website that I entered (can't remember what one). Multiple times on my desktop and when I tried www.att.com access on my laptop I received the same blocked website pop-up from Malewarebytes. I have been able to get to www.att.com, so that website has not been blocked. I have now run a Farbar scan and can attach it's scan files. Any assistance would be appreciated to help resolve this as it is of concern for me that this has started. I will also attach the most recent Malewarebytes Threat scan file ( it found no threats) and the website blocked log. Thank you. Addition.txt FRST.txt ThreatScanLog.txt xyz.txt
  3. Sorry, about starting this post. I thought I was just adding to another. My Malewarebytes scans do no show any issues. It appears that the previous poster was assisted with a Chrome issue but I do not have the same information to attach that they did. Is there someway to connect to that previous post chain?
  4. Hello, this is my first post in Malewarebytes forum. I am a Premium user. I have a similar situation as margilowry but I am using Opera browser and Malewarebytes just blocks outbound connection so I can still access www.att.com but this just started happening today. Can you be of assistance? I have attached the log file for this. xyz.txt
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