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  1. The problem seems to be resolved, I am able to access windows defender fully again, I assume it is safe to reinstall google chrome aswell? Here is the fixlog. Thank you for you time and help! Fixlog.txt
  2. Thank you for the response. Here are the logs. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  3. Hello, last week I have found 3 different processes bumping my CPU up to 100%. All of them were located in the temp folder but were named lsass.exe svchost.exe and nv… .exe. I figured they were not windows processes because they weren't located in the system32 folder and were run alongside the real processes. I have managed to eliminate them through Malwarebytes but I noticed my computer was still acting weird by asking for my onedrive and outlook password all the time. I was also unable to reactivate windows defender (even before I installed Malwarebytes), I kept getting a message that this i
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