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  1. I think it's important to mention that ransomware protection component causes performance issues. When I disable then enable ransomware protection it causes lag because it takes long for service to start again than it should imo. It's possible that it causes long sign-on because Windows is waiting for it to finish starting and continue sign-on process. I have not set user password for my local user account, it should sign-on even faster, because there's no password set.
  2. It runs ok now, but Malwarebytes protection icon doesn't show in the taskbar.
  3. No, there's no any impact on the issue. Startup and sign-on speed is the same with all non-Microsoft services disabled and Malwarebytes service excluded.
  4. Hi, Windows 10 sign-on is still slow for me. It's really annoying to wait for welcome screen to finish because of Malwarebytes. When I disable Malwarebytes startup service it loads much faster. It's almost longer than whole OS booting time. Updated to the latest beta version, but the problem still persists. Thank you in advance.
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