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  1. The abuse from spoofed calling numbers, most likely from callers outside the US is horrible, but I don't know what they can do technologically for these calls with fake caller ID. I now have 'do not disturb' activated on my iPhone and I use my Contacts as a "white list" and have additional specific allowed numbers. I feel for those who must accept calls from unknown callers. Fortunately for me, I don't.
  2. Thanks. It appears that there is no way to block all calls that are not in my Contacts list. That, coupled with the fact that it seems that most of the calls I’m receiving are from random, spoofed, caller IDs, renders me without a solution. Most of the ‘random spoofers’ will simply call back a while later if you don’t answer and if you do answer and press a button that requests being removed from their call list, it appears to accomplish nothing. « Known spammers » no longer appears to be effective, since spoofing is epidemic. To recap: 1. Answering these call and taking any action or not does not stem the calling 2. Not answering these calls does not stem the calling 3. A product that limits calls only to a white list (my contacts in this case) does not appear to exist. I would be happy if non-whitelisted calls just went to voice mail and I could check them later if I cared to. I have now set Do Not Disturb on my iPhone, which appears to block all calls, with the exception of my Contacts, however, when I exit Settings, the pop up message I get says « Calls and notifications will be silenced until Do Not Disturb is turned off », so I’m not sure if I’m getting any calls, since it’s not clear that that my whitelist overrides my Do Not Disturb. 4. The National Do Not Call Registry is now effectively obsolete. I probably will not renew my Malware Bytes for iOS, since it is not effective in mitigating the spoofed calls, which are the majority of unsolicited calls now.
  3. I added another blocker and again I just got another call from "Carnival Cruise Lines". Nothing alerts me or blocks the calls.
  4. I know that the numbers are ultimately irrelevant, but that’s why I have asked Malware Bytes to block all calls that are not in my Contacts (white list) or in my specific allowed numbers. My problem is, Malware Bytes is not blocking or alerting ANY numbers. I do not require calls to be received, from people I don’t know. I’d prefer to miss a call than to be constantly badgered by telemarketers that don’t adhere to the Do Not Call list. Nothing works, anymore and I assume that many of these calls don’t even originate within North America and the perpetrators are beyond any law enforcement. I just want them all blocked.
  5. I have Malware Bytes for iOS and I have a paid subscription. I am again getting calls from my local area code that are not either in my Contacts list or in my "allowed numbers" list. I use the option to block calls, but I calls are neither being blocked or am I being alerted. Malware Bytes for iOS appears to be doing nothing. I would prefer to err on the side of missing calls than to be harassed day and night by these telemarketing scammers. If this product will not even do that, then I need to find one that does. Is Malware Bytes properly blocking or alerting unwanted calls for others? I have it running, but it seems to do...nothing.
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