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    Windows Process Manager Virus

    Ok. I have nullifed the virus for now. It's still there but I have managed to make it cause errors within it's own system. It's trying to do something but when it gets to a certain point, the virus application shuts itself down and restarts its whole process from the beginning.
  2. HeroCrafter1987

    Windows Process Manager Virus

    The Recovery Environment is enabled.
  3. HeroCrafter1987

    Windows Process Manager Virus

    I don't have access to a spare PC but I do have a non-infected flash drive. Here are the log files Addition.txt FRST.txt
  4. I have a virus on my windows 10 laptop. The virus is Windows Process Manager and is being used by rahkite.exe. rahkite.exe is in a protected folder called ushmrog. I can't delete or access the folder at all. I also have access to only one PC. Is there a way I can remove it?

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