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  1. Tried again and that page is still giving me the issues. Also now when I even put AT&T in the search it gives me those warnings. Fixlog.txt
  2. That did not work🙁. I can't even access the site now at all. I provided a pic below to show you what happens when i do go on the AT&T site. Provided the two reports from MB showing first fraud then Trojan. This doesn't happen when I use edge. I notice if i go directly to the login page for AT&T https://www.att.com/. I get the notifications of fraud first, then Trojan. But If i go directly to the login page https://www.att.com/my/#/login, or any other page on the site it does not happen. Is there something else I should try before finally giving up on chrome? Fixlog.txt trojan mb.t
  3. I hope this is what you need. I also included the text files from when I ran adware cleaner. Removing that did not help with the problem I am having with the AT&T site. FRST.txt Addition.txt mbst-grab-results.zip AdwCleaner[C00].txt AdwCleaner[S00].txt
  4. The exact same thing has been happening to me the last couple days. First I get a notification from malwarebytes that it is blocked due to fraud then another one saying that it is blocked due to trojan. I only use chrome. I have not tried this on edge. And no other sites that I visit frequently are giving a problem. I have malwarebytes premium. I ran a full scan nothing came up. I downloaded the malwarebytes adware cleaner 7.2.7 ran it and only got one hit for slimware utilities inc, and a registry key for slimware utilities. Which I don't know if that has anything to do with this but I never
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