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  1. Hi Noel, I'm on 64 bit, Thank you, Luigi Uno2
  2. In my Windows 10 Desktop PC the automatic mounting of new drives was disabled, while the default status for windows is enabled. Has anyone encountered such a problem and found an explanation of how and why it happened ? (see also https://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/117336-enable-disable-automount-new-disks-drives-windows.html
  3. At any start of the qbittorrent program MalwareBytes notifies a protection event for a web domain "doko.moe"; -Dati sito web- Categoria: Trojan Dominio: doko.moe Indirizzo IP: Porta: [62276] Tipo: In uscita (=Outgoing) File: C:\Program Files\Autils\qBittorrent\qbittorrent.exe The IP Address is always, the Port has different value for any connection attempt. The daily scan reports no new malware. Find attached he full reports for the event and the daily scan. doko_moe.txt mwb_scan.txt
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