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  1. Hello again The inerface in germany is completly other, but may be this can help: malwarescan2.txt
  2. Please be aware that Im haveing the german version of Malware. So it is a bit difficult to follow the steps shown in the Site Im waiting for a new log now until than here is this one: malwarescan.txt
  3. Hi, Im new to w7. I come from Linux but I had to change to win7 because my son likes to have it. Since few days when I switch the PC it showed only the backgrownd picture. Not a single explorer element. In sec mode I delited the cover picture. It is showing blue screen. Mouspointer intact. When i right click i can attach gadjets, make new applicaton. But when i try to open something it does it in the backgrownd ( i see this because when I open later in security mode i see for instance that firefox was opening the pages i tried to open) Im very unfamiliar with windows. Please hel
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