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  1. Key purchased directly from Malwarebytes under old email account that I currently don't have any access because I relocated. I can provide old email, addresses to confirm identity. Thanks
  2. Guys thanks for the tips on data security! However prior to suggestions about best practices with software licenses / passwords; MAYBE WE COULD SOLVE THIS PROBLEM FIRST! Here's the Cliff Notes version of my issue: My computer was re-imaged - I've relocated several times since I first purchased my license. Please don't send me link: go to your account, because I don't have access to the Internet Service Provider any longer. What information do I need to provide for someone to get me my existing license keys? This is so easy - who can help...
  3. installing free trial at this time - if your software wasn't the best I wouldn't put up with the aggravation - I do appreciate your help!
  4. Nothing in junk folders - first place i checked - only replies are standard look in account info - that won't work...
  5. Sorry to be difficult, but I keep getting sent the instructions for getting into an old email account - I cannot get into that old ISP - Don't know how I can be any clearer - created a ticket yesterday and was hopeful that someone would actually read and provide an answer other than the "standard go into your account" answer - DEll shouldn't have re-imaged my machine they did - i have Zero info - don't ask about cloud backups that an entirely new issue - who can help me?
  6. Your automated response is beyond horrific, don't you think I would try and reset an old account if I had access to the ISP? I mean WTF, how do you guys stay in business without providing answers to questions.
  7. Surprised at lack of customer service and extreme difficulty of getting what should be is an east answer to my question. Dell Alien ware system was re-imaged because a bad mother board. All software and previous information lost - I have an old address and email from where used to live but no access to that old email, as i relocated. How can I get my existing license information? I've been a premium customer for years...
  8. Difficult to login to old account when I don't remember my password and reset sends verification email to the old account? ; - )
  9. Hello Support team - My motherboard died and had to have OS reinstalled - Apparently I've never updated / created my Malware-bytes account info - I've used premium for years - how do i find out my valid license number - hopefully i won't have to purchase a new license? Thanks
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