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  1. Seems the telemetry required for Windows Insider updates had been turned off, turned it back on and now updated to 18334. Malwarebytes now 100% working again - yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😁
  2. That's really strange - I'm on the fast ring but my W10 device insists that there are no updates after 18323???
  3. I'm on the fast ring but am not being offered build 18329 - I checked a few minutes ago (midday GMT Monday 11th February 2019) How can I get build 18329?
  4. Sadly this is on a tablet with an SSD so small that keeping the previous build isn't possible 🙄
  5. Thanks for the clarification, is there any idea when these issues with Build 18323 will be resolved? Given how tardy M$ have been at fixing zero-day exploits in teh past I'm not going to hold my breath!!! And whether the changes will need to be by Microsoft, Malwarebytes or both?
  6. BTW the protection that wasn't enabled was Ransomware, Web was enabled ...
  7. Web Protection has always worked on this PC before the W10 18323 build? I've already submitted that file, see Ticket 2523874 which has been assigned to Jeremy. I'll rerun the Support Tool to regenerate the logs though. Yes, the scan for rootkits option is enabled - I've tried disabling it and I am still unable to start a scan manually. *Update* As other people have got the Malwarebytes scan working on W10 build 18323 I thought I would do a full uninstall, reboot and reinstall of Malwarebytes Premium using the Malwarebytes Support Tool to see if anything has changed today. Got the unable to load the DDA Driver message so rebooted a second time to find version was 3.6.1 and the beta updates flag was turned off so had to turn that back on again (be nice if the Support Tool saved and restored that too...). Got to wait for the automatic scan on install to finish (does this mean I've got scans working now?) before being able to actually update to beta 3.7.0 - will update once that's completed.
  8. 3/4 now working for me today 1/31/19 on Insider build 18323 - but scans still freeze.
  9. Today (31/1/19) with W10 build 18323 the only protection not able to be turned on is Ransomware, but scans still never start. Small steps forward, but it would be good to get W10 Fast Ring and Malwarebytes 100% compatible ASAP.
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