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  1. Thomas, thanks. You mentioned: So are you saying that if I bought a Mac app from your site ($40) and then bought an android app from the playstore, it would be cheaper than a bundle license from your website for 2 devices ( $50 )? I only have 2 devices to protect right now. Thanks, Steve
  2. Alvarnell, thanks so much for taking the time to address all of these questions. You definitely made some good arguments for paying for the application. It would be nice to get a bundled plan but I only have 1 laptop that I use. My phone is an android so I'd have to buy a separate one for that and I don't really save important data on my phone anyway. Steve
  3. much appreciated. Seems you could also just do a manual scan any time you download something. $40 for 1 device seems a bit pricy. Is this the #1 malware protection choice for Mac users? i only used the free one b/c it was recommended to me by 1 tech support guy I was talking to.
  4. Alvarnel and MaxBar1 - thanks for the responses. I do have the free version and as of today it reads "No Threats Found" when I scan my files. So basically the only advantage of Premium is that the program will auto-scan at timed intervals? Is that the same thing as Real-TIme Protection, or is that an additional feature? As Mac users yourselves, do you guys have Premium? The only reason I'm interested in Malware is because I've been getting a bogus Flash Download webpage appear when I leave my computer unattended for long periods. I know it's SPAM but it shouldn't launch it's own web-page in Safari. I thought maybe I had malware. Nothing detected by Malware Bytes. thanks again
  5. Is it worth it to get the Premium version for Mac users? I was about to buy an annual subscription but here are a few strikes against Malware Bytes for Mac: - There's no direct support (just forum). Not even product purchase support. There's no phone or direct email or chat support. I would prefer to ask my questions to a company rep. - It seems a lot of the features MalWare Bytes offers are not valid on the Mac OS (for example there's no website protection for Mac users - just android and windows). There are a lot of features not available for Mac. Since I already have the free version, what do I gain by paying for the premium?? FYI i have a Macbook Pro which is running Sierra 10.12.6 Thanks
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