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  1. I don't know, sometimes .dll files corrupting, sometimes .exe files... I getting this pop-up even opening UE4, Blender or something, not just browser. I think my PC infected. And thanks, I deleted uTorrent, I won't use it. There shouldn't be a pop-up on applications if my PC didn't infect, right? I don't know, don't be mad to me, I just trying to get help. Because I have to fix my .exe files on every reboot. What's the solution? I just want that.
  2. I wrote something but it posted just SS. I think this website isn't like others. Look at this SS. What does "Coming soon" means? I don't know, I warned people using the computer with our connection. I reset sync&closed sync then made another scan but it didn't find any threats. AV's can't delete it, I didn't delete it, unlike other threats. Everyone can access this website if they aren't using any AV's. How can I report this website to Google or Malwarebytes? Are there any E-Mails or something to report suspicious websites? I will look for pop-ups.
  3. Oops, I opened my other apps but I saw a pop-up again. Same, aieov.com.
  4. Thanks for helping. I don't see any pop-ups now. Is it fixed or will I make something more? fixlist.txt
  5. I just downloaded Malwarebytes Premium Trial. I scanned my PC then it found 10 threats. Some of my applications giving an error message which gives code 0xc0000005. I attached a screenshot. I did research about it and saw some solutions. I clicked control panel on Windows 10. It opened but Malwarebytes said trojan blocked. I didn't get it first because I closed pop up. Then I closed the Control Panel and restarted my PC. After logging in, I saw a pop-up from Malwarebytes again. Then I started seeing it frequently. (Now, again. I opened Malwarebytes for taking SS's then, pop-up again...) And I can make mistakes while writing because I learning English still. Sorry if I made mistakes.
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