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  1. @mbam_mtbr It still appears after doing what you said. I've tried clearing both cache and data for the app and the lite version of the app, and then uninstalling. It still shows up in the device cleaner when clearing any cache
  2. "TopBuzz" only shows up when I go into my storage device cleaner in my settings, during the brief few seconds where It scans and cleans storage space and cache. But I've never installed the TapBuzz app, and it's not anywhere in my apps either. I've looked through various files in solid explorer, and through all my applications lists. According to a few Malwarebytes scans, it didn't detect anything suspicious either. I've also used Sd Maid to try and locate anything with TopBuzz in it, but there was nothing. Afterwards, I tried getting the app to see if that had any effect. When I tried going i
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