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  1. Hello, exile360, It worked, thanks you are awesome. Can I ask what causes this?
  2. Hello exile360 Thanks for the info. How do I do this on Windows 10 64bit? Or was it one you sent, and I just didn't understand it? Thanks, Mike
  3. Here it is. I ran the tool and gathered the report. mbst-grab-results.zip
  4. Create a new topic by clicking here Provide a brief description of the issue How did you encountered the issue and any steps to reproduce it - I Right Clicked on DoubleTwist to Check for Updates Do you get the same result more than once if you follow the same steps? Y/N YES If the system crashed (aka blue screen of death or BSOD), please include the error message NO Blue Screen of Death Note: we will reach out to you if we need a full memory dump Before you sent me this. I shut down Malwarebytes to see if I would get a Virus from the DoubleTwist site, after I was there I scanned my PC with Bitdefender Total Security and nothing showed up on the scan. I hope this helps, please advise mbst-clean-results.txt
  5. When you Right Click on the DoubleTwist Icon it still gives you this.
  6. Hello, sorry I don't know how to do what you want me to. I hope this helps, if not let me know.
  7. I have the program DoubleTwist on my PC. For some reason I keep getting booted before I can bring up the site saying there as a Trojan on the site. I have seen this from the past, and I have never had on from this site. I have Malwarebytes Premium 3.6.1 Any help would be appreciated. Mike
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