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  1. and pcpitstop has never bothered malware before
  2. ok done again and it still dont mbst-clean-results.txtwork mbst-clean-results.txt
  3. i did the clean removal twice, and i used the support tooll to reinstall, i dont care what the log says and it still tells me to reboot
  4. i did that before, its still not working, i just uninstalled again and downloaded and activated my account and it still pops up i can delete the notice 3 times and it will not appear again until i get on the internet again, then it comes back and repeat and rinse
  5. i uninstalled and reinstalled, without my activation key cause i cant find it, i still get the notice to reboot required "in order to complete the quarantine process, you must restart your computer."
  6. got a reboot required notice on the botton right side of screen and i reboot and it keeps coming back after 4 times of rebooting. how do i get it to stop?
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