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  1. Which files? We have checked our files and have false positives. Please remove the block on our domain.
  2. Please check the website again.
  3. Please check the website again.
  4. OK, will check the file. But I still don't understand why you have blocked whole domain, when you can block only the download of a specific file which you consider has problems. If you would apply same method to sites like download.com, softpedia.com, softonic.com and many others would be long blocked...
  5. Hi, Thanks for your reply. That file is from 2016, it's not even on our website.
  6. Hi, Sorry, can't post on the other topic since it's closed. Please let me know when will you unblock our website: www.chris-pc.com Thanks
  7. Please unblock our website: www.chris-pc.com Thanks
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