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  1. I concur, the newest "skip ahead" version, Window 10 Pro Version 1903 OS Build 18329.1 fixed the issue for me too.
  2. I have the same results, with the 3.7 Beta, Exploit protection and Malware protection are ON, but Web protection and Ransomware protection are OFF (and cannot be turned on)... and I am still getting the "Real-Time Protection turned off" message.
  3. @LiquidTension More Info on which file I found the license in ... In my mbst-grab-results.zip there is a Setup Logs folder which contains a file named "Setup Log 2019-01-26 #003.txt" and on line #4 it has my license key in unencrypted form... Here is the contents of that file with the key replaced with ####-####-####-####. Could it be in there because I tried to use mb-support- "repair" function? 2019-01-26 18:05:47.869 Log opened. (Time zone: UTC-06:00) 2019-01-26 18:05:47.870 Setup version: Inno Setup version 5.5.8 (u) 2019-01-26 18:05:47.870 Original Setup EXE:
  4. That was my point... mostly for awareness... and to warn everyone to check your support zip before posting it publicly to make sure it does not contain a setup log with your unencrypted license file!
  5. Before I ran the support tool, I had just tried a reinstall of the program from a fresh exe downloaded from the website. And yes the key was in the setup files in unencrypted form.
  6. Porthos, Yes, it sures does include your license key. The results zip contains your setup logs and I opened the latest one in notepad and searched for my license key and YES it is in there.
  7. same issue here, with the latest Insider Build, Window 10 Pro Version 1903 OS Build 18323.1000 I tried running mb-clean- and reinstalling,... no luck, same issue I do not want to attach my mbst-grab-results.zip here because it contains the Setup log which contains my license key (I can provide it to support via email or private message if needed)
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