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  1. Thanks for the ideas. I'm still thinking if it's worth it or if I should wait. 2 questions: 1. With language pack I would have PL-PL or e.g. Eng Win10 when considering future updates. 2. If I install English Win10 over my PL-PL I will end with English 18329? It shouldn't break the setup? I wouldn't mind having Windows in English. I keep it that way for sake of my family and friends - that way it's easier for me to help them, as I'm sure of the names in Polish of all things thet are there in Windows. For myself I could use it that way and if it won;'t break anything I'm going to upda
  2. Ahh, OK. Unortunately my region (PL-PL) didn't get 18329 update for Pro edition of Win10... I have to wait for a change or next build.
  3. (not sure if beta?) disabled web protection, so there are only 2/4 protections are enabled right now. With 3.7.0 there were 3/4, so now it's not Windows thing. I'm still on 18323. No DDA error. mbst-grab-results.zip
  4. Unfortunately it's not that easy. There is NO 18329 for Pro PL-PL, so "side updating" won't help...
  5. Good to hear that. Shame that 18329 is not available for Pro PL-PL, so I still have to wait...
  6. I don't think it's exactly the same. Here we have problem with latest update (18323), which introduce changes that affected MB. Your build is not only stable one, but and old one (Redstone 4 and there is R5 already). By that I mean that there may be a problem with Your MB installation, not the OS. Did You try to reinstall the app?
  7. 3/4 here as well, only ransomware is missing. However scans are fine - both manual and scheduled.
  8. You already have my other logs, but here are Process Monitro ones. PS. Wish PM could create archive in actual Desktop folder, not the one on system drive - I moved it and had to think a moment where it could be.... procmon-log.zip
  9. I t may be coz he just reinstalled his MBAM. Than setup logs may be mistaken as "fresh" apps logs.
  10. Same here. Just updated to 18323 and 3 of 4 protections are disabled. Not sure if You need them, but here are my logs. mbst-grab-results.zip
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