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  1. this has been an issue off and on even with RTMed builds of windows, back in the early days I had figured out a method to force install the drivers, however that's no longer working I feel it's time to update the diagnostic tool, give it the ability to uninstall and reinstall the drivers then assign the appropriate permissions necessary for it to run and that's my two cents
  2. mbst-grab-results.zip same version of Windows same version of Malwarebytes same issue on my laptop, as others have mentioned on this page
  3. Unable to Turn On Real Time Protection Version 3.6.1 mbst-grab-results.zip I have ran the support tool I tried installing a fresh copy over top I went into the advanced options and ran clean that restarted my machine and re-download a fresh copy but none of those steps worked, and then proceeded to gather logs and post it here
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