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  1. Thank you all, very informative & helpful
  2. In response to 1PW my version of Malwarebytes is Question is I don't have PPAPI plug-in installed, is this an issue?
  3. The issue is my Adobe Flash Player is Up To date when i get the pop up, still confused as to why I keep getting the pop ups if I am up to date, so my only thought is it is malware/adware
  4. I am not at my Computer right now, will check it and provide it tomorrow, thanks for your response and help
  5. I keep getting a popup saying my version of Adobe Flash Player needs updating because of a security issue. I may have in the past accidentally click on it and installed the "malware/adware". I have since checked to see if an update for Adobe Flash Player is available thru preference and I am told it is uptodate. When I run Malwarebytes I am told i am clean. Do I have an issue
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