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  1. When I first tried to connect to the Internet with my Mac, it didn't work. The computer support people added my computer on their end. Perhaps that's why?
  2. I have unlocked my computer but it still does not let me click on either or
  3. I am unable to delete them. It does not give me an option to select them at all. I went into my the settings and "unlocked" my computer in the Users and Groups menu, thinking that I would be able to select them, but that didn't work.
  4. I am directly connected by an ethernet cable does that matter?
  5. Thanks so much for your help. I really appreciate it, at least I can use google, if not under my account at least I can use it under my "Guest" account. I would prefer to use it under my account, so if you know of any changes I can make, I'd appreciate knowing what those are.
  6. I still used Safari, same browser, just added a guest account. ( I can open all of the google sites, maps, gmail etc.)
  7. I added a "guest" account on my mac and that did it. So I guess it is just my settings..
  8. Thanks for your input. If I move to another network, I still can't open my google related websites. I went into Safari and checked Extensions and I see a program called AdBlock 2.70.0 When I click on the "More Extensions" icon it takes me to the website https://safari-extensions.apple.com
  9. I tried the safe mode. It momentarily gave me a google search bar, but then it went blank. Every subsequent screen was blank, even google translate.
  10. I followed the instructions you suggested: 1) "Also, be sure you check the other non-browser instructions since it seems to be impacting other Google apps" 2) "How to remove WeKnow malware (and others) " I have a PC and I don't have that problem, is only my Mac. I can't get it to log into any google accounts- gmail, google maps, google translate with my Mac. I couldn't even get into a few other websites (I can't recall where but they were links to other sites, I guess they use some kind of google platform). I'll try the safe mode.
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