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  1. When I first tried to connect to the Internet with my Mac, it didn't work. The computer support people added my computer on their end. Perhaps that's why?
  2. I have unlocked my computer but it still does not let me click on either or
  3. I am unable to delete them. It does not give me an option to select them at all. I went into my the settings and "unlocked" my computer in the Users and Groups menu, thinking that I would be able to select them, but that didn't work.
  4. I am directly connected by an ethernet cable does that matter?
  5. Can you please delete the IP post? Thanks.
  6. Please delete the IP post, that was an accident.
  7. Thanks so much for your help. I really appreciate it, at least I can use google, if not under my account at least I can use it under my "Guest" account. I would prefer to use it under my account, so if you know of any changes I can make, I'd appreciate knowing what those are.
  8. I still used Safari, same browser, just added a guest account. ( I can open all of the google sites, maps, gmail etc.)
  9. I added a "guest" account on my mac and that did it. So I guess it is just my settings..
  10. Thanks for your input. If I move to another network, I still can't open my google related websites. I went into Safari and checked Extensions and I see a program called AdBlock 2.70.0 When I click on the "More Extensions" icon it takes me to the website https://safari-extensions.apple.com
  11. I tried the safe mode. It momentarily gave me a google search bar, but then it went blank. Every subsequent screen was blank, even google translate.
  12. I followed the instructions you suggested: 1) "Also, be sure you check the other non-browser instructions since it seems to be impacting other Google apps" 2) "How to remove WeKnow malware (and others) " I have a PC and I don't have that problem, is only my Mac. I can't get it to log into any google accounts- gmail, google maps, google translate with my Mac. I couldn't even get into a few other websites (I can't recall where but they were links to other sites, I guess they use some kind of google platform). I'll try the safe mode.
  13. Any ideas how to get google back? -thanks

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