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  1. I personay don't anymore. Mine just stopped but I know someone else had the same issue looking for help. However, I did upload the zip so if you could tell me what was causing it. That would be helpful. Thanks
  2. Mine magically stopped but sucks they asked me to upload that zip weeks ago, and never responded.
  3. Alright! Here ya go mbst-grab-results.zip
  4. Starting last night, I've been having MWB pop up with the following Now, after some researching, I see this monero is some form of bitcoin type of thing. I've never been to any form of bitcoin website ever before so not sure why all of a sudden I'm getting this pop up. It started last night, and It's popping up maybe once every hour or so maybe a little less. I ran a Malware scan, and virus scan and nothing is coming up so I'm not sure what this is or how to locate whatever it is and stop it. Can anyone help out?
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