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  1. It fixed the problem, could you explain how/why this worked?
  2. I scanned my computer with many programs and only AdwCleaner finds "PUP.Optional.Legacy", it's a Chrome add-on called "MSN Homepage & Bing Search Engine". When I remove and restart the PC it's gone, but when I run chrome, it shows up under the extensions again, it says that the extension was added by another program and asks if I want to enable or disable it. When scanning with AdwCleaner it shows up again.
  3. Thanks, that was the answer I needed.
  4. https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/99b7ca31d8e7679c45203d2287db6f13b669c95abeb2e2f0ae7290dcf84f273e/detection
  5. Right click and properties. There is no digital signature tab unlike the other exe files.
  6. Yeah that's why I'm worried
  7. It found nothing, my question however is, is the file suppossed to be unsigned? Could someone check whether theirs is?
  8. IAStorIconLaunch.exe, my bad
  9. The file iastorlaunch.exe was detected as unsigned. Is this normal? It's suppossed to be from Intel.
  10. Thank you very much! Surely malwarebytes would have detected any other threats if "pup.riskware.autoins.fota" had installed them onto the device right?
  11. I have been using the Alcatel Pixi 4 as a replacement for a week now, and just now have I read the recent news that the phone came pre installed with malware. Malwarebytes detected two types of malware: "pup.riskware.autoins.fota" and "adware.tctweather" Can anyone knowledgable about malware please tell me whether these apps could have acted as spyware (keylogger etc)? I'm pretty sure the PUP (I read it can install trojans etc) hadn't installed anything else because nothing else was detected. Also I didn't notice any actual ads popping up, only that my Chrome homepage had changed.
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