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  1. I have read its not normal for it to be greyed out on the 'open file location' button also that exe does not exist on my machine... that seems wrong. scanned full with MWB and no detection still havn't seen it in my 'startup' menu .. only that one time. i'm suspicous but i dont want to have to wipe my C drive right now ... not sure what to do.
  2. here are my logs FRST.txt Addition.txt mwbytesthreatscan.txt
  3. Hi, I usually dont download sketchy programs but i was desperate to get some data from a broken phone. iSkysoft is stuck in my windows startup and i cant get rid of it. I did disable it but i have tried forums and other methods to get rid of this thing and i cant. also the path it says its in is Z:\iSkysoft" I'm not to sure why there is a quotation mark there but that path does not exist anymore. how do i remove this from my startup?
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