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  1. Hey, I'm the developer of Portable Admin remote support software. My software has been falsely detected in the past, but this time Malware Bytes is blocking my website and URL. My software's backend relies on being able to connect to me relay server and it no longer functions because malwarebytes is blocking it. Relay server: http://alt.portableadmin.com Website: http://www.portableadmin.com Can you please remove these from your URL filters ASAP?? This is affecting many of my customers, and is catastrophic to my business. Thank you. Regards, Daniel
  2. I've had some customers who's Malware Bytes detects my latest update as a virus. Please exclude. FalsePositive.zip is password protected = "infected" is the password. PAUpdate.zip is download by my client software in order to update their version. No password FalsePositive.zip PAUpdate.zip
  3. I made some changes to core functionality and now its being detected again. Same detection: anomalous/machine learning. I attached all my binaries again ... password is "infected" I don't run MalwareBytes on my developement machines, but beta versions of my program do make their way onto other computers that run MalwareBytes .. I think that's the reason for detection. Can you please whitelist again?? newsamples.zip
  4. If I make small changes to the orginial code, will this affect detection?
  5. It is still being developed, but the detection does not occur on my development pc.. I do not use malware bytes or any antivirus. This is bein detected on client PC's, while running the compiled project (final project).
  6. Hello, I am the developer of an admin utility called Portable Admin. This utility performs a lot of different administrative functions, so its no surprise that your AV software is flagging many components of it. Please whitelist all components of my application .. they are attached in the zip files "samples.zip" .. password is "infected" samples.zip
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