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  1. No resolution, other than uninstall, reboot and re-install. We are wondering if it is worth the trouble to even continue at this point.
  2. Sorry, we are using SCCM, with the expectation that the MB managed client could be upgraded . We were not wanting to go the route of remove and then replace route as it is more disruption for the end users. Is there an operational issues with there being two MB managed client versions installed on the endpoints?
  3. I am seeing the same behavior after upgrading our server and console to version Our test deployment of the new MB package is showing that those clients now have two version of Malwarebytes Managed Client installed, V 1.7.3208 and V 1.9.3671. I am attaching some of the upgrade attempts as suggested for your review. please advise on the best course of action to get the new MB client deployed out. Thank you. MSIfa0c6.LOG MSI2b5d.LOG MSI2999.LOG MSIf9f11.LOG
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