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  1. Thanks for asking Everything seems good, except for the problem with Acrobat crashing--which may have appeared by coincidence after the malware took over. mb3 hasn't issued any realtime warnings, and nothing is reported in the threat scan I just did. Cheers !
  2. Hi there, Fixlog.txt is attached After the reboot initiated by FRST, I got a real-time warning from mb3 that a website had been blocked (see "Blocked website.txt") – but it was not one of the sites it had been warning me about before. After doing a further reboot, as you recommended, I ran a threat scan that reported 21 PUPs (see "Scan report.txt"), but stupidly I didn’t ask it to quarantine them. Some hours later I returned to the PC and tried to do a search – and discovered that Bazz Search SafeFinder had hijacked Chrome. I performed a second scan, this time with quarantine ("
  3. Every few minutes the malware I'm infected with tries to open websites like pool.minexmr.com This leads MWB "real-time protection" to report it has blocked the website, but it does not quarantine the malware itself, which is not detected when it does a threat scan. The signs and effects of the malware are as reported in previous posts in this forum - see InstallShield Virus keeps on coming back By MatthewCostanilla, January 6 2019; and Infected by a very smart malware By xRaydenx, December 26, 2018 An executable file creates a process visible in Task Manager: File = c:\Windows
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