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  1. Hello! I checked the Firefox syncing options, they are off. I am not syncing firefox with any devices. I reinstalled firefox completely and restarted computer. The items are still reported by AdwCleaner.
  2. Sorry for the double post, I forgot to mention that adwcleaner still finds the 8 PUP.OptionalLegacy files it originally did.
  3. Hello again! Thank you for your help! I downloaded the fixlist.txt-file, ran FRST-fix once, refreshed firefox-settings and reran adwcleaner-scan. Here are the log-files. Fixlog.txt AdwCleaner[S06].txt
  4. Hello again! Thank you for your reply nasdaq. I am not syncing Firefox with any devices at the moment. I made the Fixlist.txt file as you suggested and placed it in the same folder as FRST. I then clicked "Fix" and shortly after FRST informed me; "It seems you don't know what you're doing" and promptly closed itself! What went wrong? I tried erasing FRST and downloading it again, didn't do the trick.
  5. Hello! My computer was infected with "PremierOpinion" - adware, so I scanned and deleted the affected files with HitmanPro (The files were Boxore Ou, if I recall correctly). Afterwards I scanned with AdwCleaner and it found 8 PUP.OptionalLegacy files which it deleted during startup. After reboot my computer wouldn´t start some essential window services (including networking etc.) so I had to do a system restore to earlier this week. Can you tell me if I should be worried about these files? I am afraid of deleting them again since it didnrt go so good the last time. I am adding Malwa
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