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  1. So far, so good... but how do I stop MWB telling me there's an update available every 20 mins lol
  2. Ahh I see. is there anything that we could provide that might be useful? I've just got a new PC, and I've not tried it with web protection turned on, so it would be interesting to see if the same problem happens on the new PC.
  3. Thanks for the workaround; however, this feels like something that MWB ought to be looking to fix, rather than workaround.
  4. So I was mistaken - my apologies. Turning off web protection seems to solve the issue with Universal Media Server. Since doing so, I've had no issues with stuttering.
  5. I've been having an issue with my PC slowing down, and stuttering - almost like a memory leak - for a few weeks. Originally, I thought it was a media server program I'm using called Universal Media Server (UMS), as when I closed this program the problem went away. However, after some investigations it seems to be MWB that is conflicting with UMS. If I disable MWB then the problem doesn't ocurr and UMS runs happily (as it has done for years, until recently). UMS runs using java - and I'm trying to solve the problem with MWB because I obviously don't want to stop using MWB. Does any
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