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  1. Thank you again for your response. I also understand about how and when to use Malwarebytes Breach Remediation. This also is not what I'm looking for. I am looking for information about launching a traditional, cloud-based scan on a computer with the Malwarebytes Cloud Endpoint Agent installed, without using the tray icon or the Scan button in the console. I've read elsewhere that the Endpoint Agent is just a control mechanism for the actual scanner (EAcmd.exe). I am hoping that there is some way to locally trigger EAcmd in the same way that MBCloudEA does. I've seen that MBCloudEA has command line arguments (like -accounttoken) and was hoping that there was one for my need. Thanks again.
  2. Thanks for the response! I understand how to initiate a scan while at the targeted device (using the tray icon as you outlined above), but that's not what I'm looking for. What I'm looking for is a method to launch a scan via the command line. This would allow a Read-Only user of the Malwarebytes Cloud Console, who cannot select the Scan button in the Console to initiate a scan remotely, to use some other remote management tool to launch a script that starts a scan. Thanks, though!
  3. Hello! I'm looking for a way to have Read-Only users of the Malwarebytes Cloud Console initiate a scan remotely. Until Malwarebytes creates a way to do so through the console itself (a "Read-Only + Scan" rights level would be perfect), I imagine I'll need to come up with something myself. Is there a way to initiate such a scan via script? I've searched for information about MBCloudEA.exe command line options, but I've not found much. Thanks!
  4. The Spycar link at TestMyPCSecurity is dead as well. 😕
  5. Some of the Staff responses show a misunderstanding of what exactly I'm looking for. We need to document (and, on occasion, demonstrate) what the software actually looks like while it's working and when it finds something. It's really not important at all if the EICAR file is an effective measure of an anti-virus products efficacy. It was never supposed to be. It's simply a file that triggers a response. If what you're looking to do is see what a valid response looks like (which we are), the EICAR file will generally do the job. It also appears that the Test_PUP.zip file has been removed. 😞
  6. Hrm...any thoughts on Malwarebytes Incident Response finding and quarantining the Ask Toolbar installer (AskToolbar.exe) but not touching an extracted copy of the OCDLL.dll from inside? Will the software not remove the OCDLL.dll if it's actually installed? O_O (I mean, I can fire up a disposable VM, actually install the toolbar, and then scan it, but you'd think if it'll find the DLL once installed, it would also find it extracted. No?)
  7. Found another source via a rather entertaining reddit: http://ak.pipoffers.apnpartners.com/static/partners//DEMOTB/AskToolbar.exe (From https://www.reddit.com/r/sysadmin/comments/3io9p0/how_hard_is_it_to_get_an_installer_for_ask_toolbar/ )
  8. Hrm... I'm not thrilled about giving Softonic my Facebook or Google info to get it from *their* servers and their direct link to Ask's servers is dead. Any other sources (or files)?
  9. Is there a test file that will be detected by Malwarebytes Incident Response and Breach Remediation so that we can test the software and see what a detection looks like without *actually* installing malware on our systems? :-) I've already Googled and searched the forums, but didn't find anything other than the "Malwarebytes Product Testers" zip file (which is designed for Anti-Exploit and doesn't work with Incident Response). Thanks! - John
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