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  1. I am another frustrated user.  I had both of our computers hit with the memory problem last year with no notice from Malwarebytes that they were the cause.  Back in December I first started noticing the freezing problem on my Dell computer with Windows 7.  I seemed to have it freeze after downloading electronic versions of daily papers and creating PDF files.  I thought my PC had finally come to the end of it's life and seriously looked into buying a new one.  I finally decided to move to an HP with Windows 10 - not the ideal solution since all of my programs wouldn't migrate and I did spend days getting things running again.  A few days ago we installed a new HP LaserJet printer and afterwards my wife's Dell PC with Windows 7 started experiencing freeze problems.  I spent the entire day yesterday troubleshooting her PC.  I discovered I could consistently cause the freeze by going into Devices and Printers in the Control Panel.  When I disconnected the PC from the network it would work.  I uninstalled all printers, disconnected other devices from the network, attached another monitor, keyboard and mouse ... etc., etc..  Nothing seemed to work.  I finally googled the problem and came upon this forum.  I would not have guessed that Malwarebytes could have been the issue.  While I am relieved to find the cause ... I am again frustrated that there was no notice from Malwarebytes.  They have our emails from when we purchased/registered the product.  Why can't they notify us when they first discover a problem?  In this case, back in December?  I, along with who knows how many users, have spent hours upon hours on this (and I almost bought a new PC).  I still wish I hadn't given up on my old Windows 7 machine.

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