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  1. w8.1-64 bit, malwarebytes it was a fresh install of your software, and it crasehd on first and second run. It updates the defs and runs for some times, scanned some 30,000 things, then the window pops up saying that it has stopped working and asked to close it. There is no error code, message or description. That is not a way a professional software should crash. There has to be some description of the problem that has caused it to crash in the middle of a run. Even Microsoft becomes far better than your software because they at least give a cryptic code of the e
  2. I was not aware of that. This arrangement is good enough. I am satisfied with this. Thanks.
  3. w10-64, mb4.1.2.73 Today, I tried to ran Malwarebytes after some months, and I found that this is not installed. Though its Program Files folder with all files was there there was no start menu icon or program list entry for that. I am sure I had not un-installed it Then I installed the above version that installer was saved with me, and it duly installed and updated definitions and ran. it reported some threats: I have quarantined them all. 1. it is not giving option to remove/ delete threats++, it only quarantines them. Why so? I would have liked to de
  4. You have released Malwarebytes Browser Extension for Chrome and Firefox that I have installed. Any method to use Malwarebytes Browser Extension in I.E and Edge? Any plans to release a version for these? Thanks.
  5. Thanks, I feel relieved. Yes, I had immediately downloaded and installed and had run another scan yesterday, and it also didn't report anything Thanks.
  6. Here are two files. Thanks. Farbar_Addition_20190207a.txt Farbar_FRST_20190207a.txt
  7. I am using latest home free edition on w8.1-64. Right click on systray icon says that real time protection for 4 activities has expired as trial period is over. That will be allowed for premium users. I checked services and found that Malwarebytes services is running. I want to know when these 4 types of real time protection are switched off, what is malwarebyte service doing when it is on and running and what is its systray icon is for? I mean, is there still some kind of protection that I am getting by keeping free malwarebytes runnning, when those 4 kind of premium protection
  8. Today I noticed some unusual activity on my W8.1-64 bit that when I copied a Windows Registry URL, from browser (ff) or from notepad++ or from regedit, on pasting that somewhere, part of that key was becoming gibberish. say, I copied HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WinDows NT\CurrentVersion on pasting it was becoming HKEQenPMJNuqUwhg5W8UMFs66YBXrBVhhZzMFyRJVDows NT\CurrentVersion Similar, thing with other registry keys. I ran Windows Defender, it didn't find anything. Then I ran mb2 that was installed though not on real time protection. It duly identified two files ea
  9. It happened yesterday. I had not done any scan yesterday. I had done scan the day before on 17th jan, but that day, due to net bandwidth not being available, I could not update mbam files, so I had ran mbam yesterday just to update its files, and it has done that. Then after, I forgot to close it and it remained in my systray and kept on blocking all in-out net traffic for 1 hour till I realized that it is mbam doing this. so there is no scan log file of yesterday as there was no scan. the scan log file of the day before is here. mbam_18012019b.txt thanks.
  10. mea culpa. I had posted the above 3 replies thinking this is about some other post I had made yesterday. Now I don't see edit or delete option at your site, so I can't do anything about this. this much should have been provided at any site. Please delete above 3 replies. I am replying to your reply, below. thanks.
  11. on w8.1-64 bit, today mbam trial just stopped all net access that too, without notification that it is stopping access to net, It wasted one hour of my time till I checked everything, and even logged out of w8.1 to log in to w10 to see whether net is working there or not. It was working there, so I came back to w8.1 and then I realized that it could be mbam so I closed both protections one by one. I had not selected those protection. These started with free trial as a default. so I was not knowing what mbam was doing to focus on it. It is sickening. it even didn't allow m
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