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  1. the system isn't slow or anything everything seems to be normal, it's just that when opening task manager cpu usage would be on like 60-80% and goes down to 5-15% in a second or so
  2. troubleshooter didn't find any issues
  3. My computer is really fast that's why it concerns me. I7-8700 16 gb ram rtx2070 gpu
  4. it's running good but one more thing I noticed is that whenever I open task manager the CPU usage is at 80-90% and then it goes down to 10-15% upon opening the task manager, is this normal?
  5. I get usually the " wording in your post has been detected as spam by our filters" or something similar to that. I'll try attaching the files again and see if it works or not. Addition.txt adware log.txt FRST.txt mwbytes log.txt
  6. Hello @AdvancedSetup, here are the logs you requested, I had to private message you the logs because it wasn't allowing me to post them here, i don't know why
  7. https://i.imgur.com/vmgKFmh.png I recently downloaded a few files, and I think my computer probably got infected because of those files as they weren't particularly from a source that I would trust. I did remove the files shown in the screenshot but I'm still paranoid concerning the data and security of my computer.
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