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  1. An application I am making is detected as an anomalous application by the machine learning. Knowing my application is unlikely to spread much but still wanting the users to be able to use it without any worries, I would like you to add it to your database of known good apps. I might do a lot of iterations over the next few months, but the program will still basically be the same, it will only be classical additions for a small launcher like this one. I'll join the .exe file for you to scan it. launcher.zip
  2. I forgot I used a bat-to-exe converter too... Might be something shady there then
  3. I made a game with construct 3, exported it with nwjs and built an installer with inno setup compiler. I know you only asked for the exported report but it seemed not very complete to me so I uploaded the json too f8538d76-198d-11e9-b149-2c4d54587858.json.txt logs malwarebyte smash broke.txt Smash Broke (2).zip
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