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  1. Hi, Thanks for your response. As you can see in the attached image we are still being blocked by malwarebytes can you please double check with the team if they included our domain again?
  2. Publitas is an online digital catalogue space. Our users control the content that will be shown in the catalogues. Because we offer free trails sometimes we do observe abuse of our service. But our security team detects and remove these accounts/content asap. Our service is used by major retailers who distribute these catalogues to their users. We request you to please review and whitelist our website. The content mentioned here has been removed. Thanks
  3. Hi Guys, One of our customer recently reported that malwarebytes is blocking our domain "view.publitas.com" as malicious. Our platform offers online digital catalogues which are generated and published by our customers. Since, we offer free trials it is possible for people for upload and host publications containing malicious links. But our security team take down these publications and block the user as soon it is detected. We would really appreciate if you can you whitelist our domain at your earliest as most of our customers are dependent on view.publitas.com for sending out their publications. You can know more about us at https://www.publitas.com/ Regards, Publitas Team
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