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  1. Has this issue been resolved and can I allow MWB to update on my systems?
  2. This is why I have not gone past the patch last issued. Still running on 4 systems: 1.0.527 1.0.9598 Can someone please tell me how to stop MWB from prompting me that there is a new update/do I want to install? Thanks
  3. For me personally, this is not been that much of a hardship but more of an annoyance. I have 4 separate PCs, two laptops and two desktops that seem to freeze up only after they go unattended for a longer period of time. Mostly when I return to my office the following day and a system is frozen. On a few occasions a system has locked up during use but really not that often. Until there is a fix, I’m just being more careful to save all work more often. This is still not a problem you would expect from a security software developer. I can't imagine how many people must be having this issue and have no idea what's going on and thinking they have deeper issues maybe hardware related.
  4. They are really dragging their feet on this I have 4 separate computers doing this.
  5. Any more info on this? I have 4 separate W7/64 computers locking up every day or every other day. 2 desktops and 2 laptops.
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