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  1. I have installed version 3.7.1 , and follwed the instructions to create a full memory dump, in case my problen comes back. If it does, i will go back and follow the instructions you gave LiquidTension in the second half of your post. Thankyou for taking the time to sort my issues, much appretiated. Regards Brian
  2. Will install it soon as i reply mate. The blue screen on start up, probably started around the same time i could not turn on Malware protection, as i said it only happens when i boot my laptop as normal, and come back to it a few minutes later, does not happen all the time, but the only option i have, is to hit the power button, to power it off, and reboot, it may only happen 3 times a week.at most. The previous evening i turn it off, just normally, with the start menu. I am about to follow your instructions, but will install the version 3.7.1 just before i do. Thank you Brian
  3. Off to work guys, thanks for helping me, be back in the morning, hopefully LiqidTension will have a fix for me. Thanks Again Brian
  4. Hi, before i do as you ask....I always shut it down the correct way...but recently when i boot it to the homw screen, i go for my coffee when i come back, i have a blue screen, i then press the power button, to close it completely, then start it again, it then asks me if i want to start windows normally, and i click yes, and it is okay..been doing that for about 2-3 months. Away to try what you asked..Thankyou
  5. Hi, My little problem has returned, i have attached what you asked, to see if you can pinpoint the problem. Hope i have done it right.. Regards Brian regquery.txt
  6. i will do as you ask if it happens again mate. Regards Brian
  7. All soreted Reair started , and done the job..Happy days Regards Brian
  8. Hi I hope it's okay to put this here, rather than start another post. Having the same problem again, Malware protection and web protection won't turn on. I have enclosed a log as instructed the last time. I clicked on Repair, but nothing is happening, probably jumped the gun a little. Regards Brian mbst-grab-results.zip
  9. Hi I am unable to turn malware protection on, can someone show this novice how to fix the problem ? Thankyou Brian
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