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  1. Hello, This is to inform you that I'm in receipt of an FSA abuse report initiated by hphosts against my blog site hosted by WordPress (www.antivirus[.]ink -> https://antivirusink.wordpress[.]com) the hphosts DOES NOT provide the specifics of the abuse except the FSA tag. (pls. see below) Since hphosts claims to use malwarebytes engine to flag hosts for abuse and malicious activity I kindly urge malwarebytes to provide me with the specific details of the abuse as per FSA classification which should fall into one of the following categories: 1. Using misleading means to peddle their products (e.g. claiming the product is free when in actuality, it's just a free scan) 2. Not keeping their affiliates under control (i.e. those affiliates spamming, using BlackHat SEO, or otherwise misleading users) 3. The site is residing on a known malicious IP block Please be reminded that the site does not sell any products (1), does not have and is not signed with any affiliates (2) and is hosted on wordpress.com (3) The site is a security information blog content ONLY and is aimed to raise public's awareness of emerging security threats, phishing attacks and in the wild malware activity. I'm eagerly awaiting your response so I can proceed with the appropriate legal actions further. Kindly, AC
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