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  1. yes, the purchase went thru, using chrome on win 10, I just cant understand why 7 wouldnt work, that is odd to me, again thanks for the suggestion and help, currently scanning win 10 computer, license activated, that was the easy part
  2. Did not know I had to use win 10, used chrome and it went thru, I find that odd to not be able to use win 7, the 10 install is new and unprotected, thus my reluctance. Thanks for your help.
  3. Used chrome and ff several times, several different methods, clearing cache etc. everytime, for 2 days
  4. It says "please mark the fields in red". There are no fields in red, everything is perfectly filled in. The cc is good, worked everywhere else. Seems strange to make it so hard to purchase that , well , you cant purchase.
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