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  1. From a seemingly unaffected machine. I say seemingly because it was my wife's computer and she never complained about a freeze, nor have I experienced any freezes while in possession of her computer the last two or three days......... This computer was born with Windows 7 and still contains all the stock hardware (for now.....) mbst-grab-results.zip
  2. I'd like to share my experience with this issue: I work for a small IT company. We are a full service IT company, including break/fix. We are also a Malwarebytes partner (authorized reseller). We have sold hundreds of Malwarebytes licenses to our customers (regular customers) over the past couple of years. My primary function is break/fix and I can assert that we have not had a single computer come in for this issue, nor have we fielded a single call about it. I became aware of this issue when one of my two home computers, running Windows 7 Home Premium, fell prey to this problem. I
  3. Also experiencing this issue on my mother-in-law's ASUS laptop. Attaching requested logs for your research mbst-grab-results.zip
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