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  1. As an IT supporting small companies in my area and after waiting for several weeks with no ETA on a fix I have pulled the plug on Malwarebytes and installed Webroot as a replacement for several of my clients. Some are okay with long delay in providing a fix... other's are not okay with it and I'm the one taking the heat with the dissatisfied clients. I'm very disappointed at the way this has been handled. Firstly, at the way Windows 7 clients have been not notified, secondly with the amount of time it's taken to provide a permanent solution, and lastly offering zero compensation to clients who paid for a "total protection" package and are receiving a faulty product with a bandaid solution. I have had to provide daily support calls to clients, on site installations, and apologies with no charge. This is business and customers have a right to demand a product that was promised to them not excuses, long delay and... I certainly have better things to do than work for free. /rant
  2. Can we get this resolved once and for all. I have dozens of corporate clients that are complaining about the lockups with no resolution other than disabling features which is NOT an acceptable solution and only leaves my clients unprotected. This has been going on long enough that by now it should have been fixed with an update... and not something that is ongoing for weeks. I'm not saying this in any kind of threatening manner but the fact is we're paying for a product that is fully functional and if that can't be provided that I will have no choice but to recommend a different product to my paying clients.
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