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  1. When did the freeze first start occurring? Sometime in mid December - can't be more precise What were you doing on the computer immediately prior to the latest freeze? Nothing. Awoke to find PC locked up. Logs show it occurred around 4 AM that time, but has occurred at all times of day Did you notice anything significant occur around the time of the latest freeze (e.g. AV notification, application crash, etc)? No. And I wasted quite some time poring over logs looking for correlations. Backups, scans, updates - no correlations that I noticed. This is in contrast to the last time I had this issue with MBAM in 2011. Back then it was conflicting with a backup driver and would freeze at each backup. No such clarity this time. Has a freeze occurred when the computer is idle? Yes. But also while in use. Have you noticed a correlation between high network traffic and the computer freezing? Not that I have noticed. How often does the computer freeze? Every 1-2 days, but as many as three times in one day. Are you able to reproduce the freeze on-demand? If the answer is yes, what are the steps? No, not at all How old is the computer? Home built of parts with various ages. Abit IP35Pro motherboard is oldest part - ~10 years old; Crucial SSD about 5 years old. But ran many HW diagnostics on all systems and all passed. Was the computer upgraded from XP/Vista to Windows 7? Yes. Have not reinstalled clean windows in a very, very long time. Is the computer fully up-to-date with Windows Updates? Which updates have been installed after the first freeze occurred? Yes. Latest updates to 64 bit Windows 7 Professional include KB4480970 and KB4481480 Security and Quality Rollups. All available updates are installed. Does the computer have multiple network adapters? If it does, what happens when you disable the adapter currently in use and switch to a different adapter? Abit MB has two identical Realtek PCI GBE ports. Also have a Cisco AnyConnect VPN driver that installs as a third network adapter in Windows
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