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  1. My MB has also been working fine without any lock-ups under WIndows 7 for >60 hours. As usual MB on-line support was excellent. One tip - Bite the bullet. If there is ever another confirmed MB freeze/lock-up or blue-screen bug for any version of Windows, please warn your existing users... Personally I would appreciate a warning by E-Mail but could work with advice on a MB Facebook group if that is arranged and users advised that it will be used. My best regards also to the technical staff who identified and corrected the problem. Cheers, BerniE
  2. My lockups occurred in the home environment. If I had these problems while operating my business and found out that MB had known about such a potentially serious bug affecting Windows 7 users, several weeks before I found out, I would have been incensed. Someone with authority at MB needs to set up prompt notification policies to prevent this ever happening again. Malwarebytes have an excellent product with a great reputation and a very effective support base. Don't jeopardize the existence of your product with such a negligent response to a serious problem potentially aff
  3. Win 7 Pro does everything I need. I operate a few family PCs and devices in a home network environment . Win 10 makes more work for me as administrator of all the equipment. In the home environment I don't need the permission controls and restrictions needed in Business, or Office environments. Firewall Controls, Malwarebytes and a few other tools give me the security I need. And, after 38 years (I come from the DOS Version 1.1 on floppy disk days) I don't need an OS to tell me how to organize my directory structures, or storage on my systems, I prefer to do that myself, my
  4. I have a Win 7 PC and two WIn 10 PCs. The win 10 PCs have never locked up like this. That was part of the reason it was so difficult identifying the cause of my intermittent freezes/lockups on the Win 7 PC. +
  5. Brilliantly stated. I may be retired 20 year but I still influence many potential MB customers. I have one suggestion for Malwarebytes. Faced with a similar potentially nasty problem, err on the side of prompt factual advice to your existing user base, rather than pretend it will all go away in time, unnoticed.
  6. *** Thanks everyone for your continued feedback on the issue. For those affected by the issue, please provide the following information: * When did the freeze first start occurring? Around 12/17/2018 * What were you doing on the computer immediately prior to the latest freeze? Excel Spreadsheet work * Did you notice anything significant occur around the time of the latest freeze (e.g. AV notification, application crash, etc)? No. Freezes NEVER occurred in Windows Safe mode with networking enabled Freezes NEVER occurred in Normal Windows mode with the Ethernet DISCONNECTED.
  7. To say that I am mortified that the Random PC freezes on my Windows 7 PC occurring since 17/12/2018 was a known problem at Malwarebytes about which I was not advised, is an understatement. It is only my long term respect and value for what Malwarebytes provides for me that prevents me from deleting your software on my two PCs and Notebook for ever and having nothing more to do with your corporation. It is all very well for current administrators and people intimately involved with MB and your Forums to know about the problem and to be investigating solutions. I
  8. Since 17/12/2018 I started getting intermittent random PC freezes/lockups on my Windows 7 PC. I'm a long term user of MB, also on two Windows 10 PCs which are not having any problems. My MB version on the Windows 7 PC (now uninstalled) were: Malwarebytes Version: Component Package Version: 1.0.508 Update Package Version: 1.0.8722 My Windows 7 version is: Windows 7 Ultimate Version 6.1 (Build7601: Service Pack 1) My PC would freeze (screen frozen no mouse, or keyboard action possible) at random intervals, anywhere from 2 minutes after login to 120 minutes after log
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