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  1. The occurrence of this problem is random or semi-random and all this reporting about what one was doing or not doing when it triggered is a waste of time. The multitude of different machine configurations seems to make no difference. The one thing that *IS* consistent is that it affects Windows 7 systems. That is where the focus should be.

    Have they made a careful source code review of the version that does not have the problem and the version that does have the problem? There must be some difference in the code that could be discovered. Flailing around trying to trigger the failure is going about it backwards in this instance.

    THIS MAY HELP: On the first machine I had a problem with it is an Intel motherboard with motherboard RAID 1 dual mirror drives. After a period of pain dealing with this recurrence I saw that when the problem happened a RAID notification popup appeared that the volume had gone offline. When the disk access is halted you get the symptoms of the failure of something not working and then clicking on other windows that will switch at first then eventually won't switch anymore. Eventually the cursor grinds to a halt. There is never anything in a disk log. The problem is that the disk access is being shut off and windows can no longer function. Find out why the disk is being disabled!!

  2. Wrong about a "TINY" percentage. Based on the machines I am responsible for this software has a *HIGH* failure rate. Windows 7 is very prevalent and people rely on it to be more stable than newer versions.

    If they haven't been able to reproduce this it only means they are very poor at doing so.

    They do not have to understand the problem to fix it by downgrading the release. That would fix the problem according to them. WHAT ABOUT THE PEOPLE THAT DO NOT KNOW WHY THEIR COMPUTER IS FREQUENTLY FREEZING?? They don't know to come here and get the downgrade and/or are not technically savvy enough to do so. They cannot choose one of the options and be patient as you suggest!!!

    Making excuses for poor performance is a bad thing.

  3. "Malwarebytes" has been MALWARE for some time now!! It has been a year since their massive computer lockup error that should never have happened, their excuses be damned! They had bad communication and slow resolution. AND even after it was supposed to be fixed I continued to have problems with later versions.

    Now again we have a situation where the cure is WORSE than the disease. This software has caused untold costs in time and money and resources and stress to those of us responsible for keeping computers running smoothly. Their quality assurance process is horrible! Now they have everyone doing extensive diagnostics and wasting even more time. DOWNGRADE the release to fix everyone - ESPECIALLY THOSE PEOPLE THAT STILL DON'T KNOW WHY THEIR COMPUTER IS FREEZING UP!! NOTIFY EVERYONE ON FILE ABOUT THIS!! Do not release a new version until the problem is 100% resolved. Stop using us as your alpha testers!!!!


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