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  1. I dont know which of the above fixes did it, but after restarting today (after starting in safe yesterday mode) everything seems to be back to normal in my usual profile. I.e., all signs of malware gone, but internet connection is 100% functional too. Thanks v much for your help..!
  2. Sorry -- can confirm that apps are not able to connect (App Store: "Cannot Connect to the Ap Store"; Pandora App: "You computer is having trouble connecting to the network", etc) I have a "guest" user account -- the internet/browser connection works fine when logged in there: can surf the web, app store loads, etc. Logging in using safe mode is also good -- the internet/browser connection works fine in safe mode: can surf the web, app store loads, etc. And yeah, have multiple other devices (phone, laptop) accessing same network successfully, plus (per above) guest account and sa
  3. Ok thanks -- I've worked through each of the suggestions there but no change. I.e., Safari is still showing the same message, and Chrome (now deleted from all folders and subfolders listed in the link, and reinstalled) likewise still saying "No internet". What next?
  4. Hi Alvarnell, thanks for your reply! Re, OS -- I hadn't realized I was so out of date. I usually update as soon as/whenever prompted. I'll be happy to update when get my internet restored. Re, Messages -- The "no internet" message is displaying in the browser for both Safari and Chrome. For Safari it reads: "Safari Can't Open the Page [WEBADDRESS] because the server unexpectedly dropped the connection. This sometimes occurs when the server is busy. Wait for a few minutes, and then try again". For Chrome it reads: "No Internet. There is something wrong with the proxy server, or
  5. Hi, im running osx 10.11.2 and am now getting a "no internet" message after running malwarebytes and removing all of the malware files found. Ive read the other threads on this site that seem to relate to a similar problem, and attempted some of the fixes there, but no luck. Would really appreciate some help! Thanks v much
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