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  1. installing the FRST in the usb and then running it from there? is that what you mean? Sure, I can do it Kevin, just can't do it at this very moment, I'll do it in a few hours Thanks once again for your insight S
  2. I have a second machine (linux) and also a flasdrive 4gb, but currently I'm using the USB as a boot-repair live usb. what would you suggest? Sick Pc has windows 8
  3. Hello Kevin, Didn't work my friend. Killed my boot again and now FRST files are encrypted too... D7D0.tmp keeps showing up in the task manager ... Grrr
  4. Hi again Kevin... Thanks for your feedback. Today I ran the FRST and it killed my pc..and took the grub dual boot with it... luckily I keep a boot repair usb Any ideas why this could have happened? after this event I ran a couple of antivirus programs but still afraid ramsonware might be there... Best S
  5. Hello Kevin, thanks for your insight. Id-ransomware told me this: Djvu This ransomware is still under analysis. Please refer to the appropriate topic for more information. Samples of encrypted files and suspicious files may be needed for continued investigation. Identified by sample_extension: .tro I found a way of restoring some files with shadowexplorer (it works!) and I'm going to devote to rescue some super critical files (few gb) -that are luckily covered by shadowexplorer- before atemptting anything else. I also spot two .exe files that seems like the ramsonware (2.exe and App.exe) and delete them. I will follow your advice as soon as I recover those core files and will let you know!. Thanks once again! S
  6. Sorry, forgot to mention the ID ramsonware told me that my files possible are infected with djvu ramsonware but I find it weird because the .tro extension...seems its something new?, wasn't able to find anything about .tro files either fountain-winter-560x348.jpg.rar
  7. Hello, same situation here, yesterday my machine suddenly started to install some weird stuff even when I clicked "not to allow". I forced off and turned on again. I was working normally but suddenly blacked out and doesn't wanted to boot.. I use dual bot so I though it was something related with it (grub). Used a live usb boot repair and this helped me to recover my boot function but my files are .tro now... tried to rename it but no luck recovering... looking forward to know what you guys think... Also no ransom demand here...
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